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Mountain Bikes Amazon: Finding the Best Ride For You Leave a comment

Mountain Bikes Amazon: Finding the Best Ride For You

Mountain Bikes Amazon: Finding the Best Ride For You. If you are looking for a quality bicycle, we suggest an internet search for mountain bikes Amazon. The results produced could be overwhelming.

This guide is a collection of tips to help you find the perfect mountain bikes for your family.

What is a Mountain Bike?

A Bicycle designed for off-road cycling is a mountain bike. The mountain bikes’ more durable wheels, large knobby tires, and suspension fork make them heavier than other types of bicycles.

Mountain bikes also have wide handlebars to help balance the rider going over rocky terrain. Another separating factor is mountain bikes typically have a lower gear ratio and occasionally a rear suspension.

The seat’s height can usually be adjusted quickly by using a dropper post. You would need a mountain bike when going over the roots, loose dirt, rocks, and steep grade typically found on mountain trails.

Mountain bikes are also built specifically to handle trails with additional TTFs, or Technical Trail Features. TTFs are features added to a trail to enhance the bike riding experience such as rock gardens, log piles, skinnies, log rides, wall rides, and gap jumps.

In these environments, the mountain bikes’ stronger rims and wider tires really shine.

Mountain Bike Suspensions

There are four broad categories of mountain bikes based upon their suspension.


Rigid mountain bikes have neither front nor rear suspension. They still have the large knobby tires and straight handlebars.

Without the suspension, it would be uncomfortable on hard-packed dirt. Use this safer and more user-friendly bike on the pavement for a comfortable ride.


A mountain bike with a suspension fork at the front wheel on an otherwise rigid frame is referred to as a hardtail. There are typically suspension shocks on the front fork but not on the rear.

Because of the lighter weight and rigidity, this makes them ideal for cross-country or racing bikes. Hardtail bikes have fantastic handling coupled with affordability, which makes them suitable for entry-level riders and beyond.


This is a fairly new category in MTB suspensions. Big in the 90s a soft tail is a mountain bike with pivots in the frame with no rear shock.

There is added flex in the frame to absorb some of the vibrations. They are engineered to be strong yet light and flexible, making them ideal for cross-country bikes.


Full suspension can also be called dual suspension. It is a mountain bike with both rear and front suspension.

Most commonly the front suspension is a telescopic fork with the rear being suspended by a mechanical linkage, adding components for shock absorption.

These front and rear suspension bikes are very comfortable and allow a rider to navigate more technical terrain. However, they are more expensive and quite a bit heavier. It is recommended for experienced riders.

How to Buy Mountain Bikes Amazon

When you are just starting out in mountain biking, there is no real specific price point to aim for. Some people wish to spend as little money as possible, while others maintain “you get what you pay for.”

For the best balance between these two worlds shop mountain bikes Amazon and find mountain bikes priced right at $570 to as much as $8,000. Now, bikes do get lighter and technically better the more money you spend, but the progress increments shrink the higher in the price you go.

In other words, you get very little more for your money once you reach mountain bikes costing about $4500. Even with Amazon’s great selection, the top specification models will always look flashy and bright, but choose your bike based on specs. not what looks fancy.

This will save you heartache in the future.

Amazon Shopping Perks

Amazon offers several name-brand mountain bikes for under $1000. Amazon gives free shipping and has a very easy exchange process so in that sense time saved is money saved as well.

Many times of year make it cost-friendly to do some Amazon shopping for a mountain bike too. With great deals offered on Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday on almost every major brand.

Online shopping through Amazon also links you to local sellers nationwide. They bring an online marketplace to your fingertips, granting you a broader range of choices. While still allowing you to take advantage of Amazon’s fast-shipping, tracking, and 30-day minimum return.

Not only does Amazon grant shipping that is fast and free, but they also offer assembly on some models. If your mountain bike purchase is over $500, it could be shipped to a local Velofix or Performance Bike location, and their technicians will assemble the bike for you for free!

Another Amazon assembly option for some models is paying a $77 fee, and an Amazon networked mechanic will come to your home and assemble it for you. The whole process is transparent, easy, and hassle-free.

Choosing Mountain Bikes  – Men

Choosing the right mountain bike can be even more difficult when online shopping. After all, when buying a bike the most important factor is size.

Many men claim they could not stick with mountain biking long-term due to the fact they started out with a bike that was too heavy or otherwise inefficient. To make things even more complicated, frame sizes among different companies have rarely coincided.

So even if you ride a “Large” with your current bike. Do not shy away from looking at XL or even XXL size bikes.

A lot of men like to resize their bikes, known as ‘upsizing.’ A quick warning on this subject, always check the dropper post will still fit with enough drop travel to it.

You also want to check the stem length. Almost everything you need to know about the bike’s fit can be reliant on the bike’s stem.

There is no reason for the stem of your bike to be over 60mm. If you find you need a stem longer, more than likely the bike itself is just too short.

You want a bike with long reach anyway, so ideally your mountain bike stem should be between 30mm and 50mm.

Mountain Bike Amazon – Men

The Neffice 27.5 provides unheard-of value for a very reasonable price. Thanks to its 6061 aluminum frame it is very lightweight and places you in a relaxed upright position while riding.

This will help you feel more confident, which leads to you riding more! The Neffice 27.5 comes in many attractive colors painted over the high-quality aluminum frame.

It has powerful mechanical disc brakes and boasts 24 speeds. The adjustable suspension fork, 2.1″ wide tires, and 27.5″ wheels make the Neffice suitable for different terrains.

The new 2021 Neffice costs much less than $500, in fact, they come in at $300-$350, they perform like a mountain bike 3 times the price. A versatile and simple bike that tackles unpaved and paved roads as well as forests and moderate trails with ease.

Choosing Mountain Bikes – Woman

It has been said that there is no such thing as woman-specific geometry. A woman would be best riding a mountain bike that fits their height and reach, much the same as men.

For instance, if you’re between 5’2″ to 5’6″ you would be comfortable with a mountain bike having 410mm to 450mm reach. Someone 5’7″ to 5’10” would like 430mm to 470mm of reach.

If you are 5’11” to 6’2″ the reach needs to be 450mm to 490mm reach. Finally, someone 6’3″ to 6’6″ would need at least 470mm to 510mm of reach.

To summarize get the largest frame size that still affords you a good amount of standover. It can be tricky finding your perfect mountain bike fit.

It involves taking careful measurements of your body and then feeding that data into the mountain bike brands’ modeling system. It should then recommend your best mountain bike fit.

Still, measure it again yourself just to make sure. And do yourself a favor and do not refer to top tube length to judge a mountain bike’s fit. This is affected by head and tube angle.

Mountain Bikes Amazon – Women

Mongoose Switchback is an adaptable hybrid mountain bike that works well with both men and women riders. Several versions are offered such as Comp, Expert, Trail, and Sport.

This is a very streamline mountain bike, its sleek aluminum frame is lightweight and painted in a wild array of colors. It is not overly lightweight, but it could not be called heavy.

The Mongoose Switchback has a basic coil suspension fork, but it’s perfect for recreational trail, dirt, and gravel riding.

Choosing Mountain Bikes – Children

There are many great offerings on Amazon for children’s mountain bikes. Including name-brands like Schwinn, Raleigh, and Strider.

They even have quite a few options of balance bikes. Balance bikes are the best way to teach children the balance skills they need to easily transition to riding a bike later.

It can be difficult buying a bike online, especially knowing what to look for. Therefore, it could be beneficial to read up on beginner mountain biking tips.

If you’re looking at purchasing a mountain bike with 20″ wheels or less, your very best bet is online shopping. Take advantage of Amazon’s wide range of manufacturers, styles, options, and accessories.

Making Your Amazon Shopping Decision

By reading this mountain bikes Amazon guide, you should have an idea of several bikes and the ability to see which one suits you.

Start your mountain bike shopping process today.

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